Peyton Manning Honored with Bart Starr Award

Peyton Manning pic Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning recently received the Bart Starr Award, one of the most celebrated awards in professional football. He received the honor at the 2015 Super Bowl Breakfast, which was attended by more than 1,600 people. The annual event is sponsored by Athletes in Action and the Super Service Challenge.

The Bart Starr Award winner is selected by players in the National Football League for good character and contributions to the game and the community. Manning is a longtime respected athlete, in both college and professional play, and he works with a number of charitable causes. Since 1999, his PeyBack Foundation has funded more than $10 million in grants and programs for youth who are at risk in Colorado, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Indiana.

Mark Householder, president of Athletes in Action, said that Manning was a “winner through his significant community contribution and a man of character and integrity in his personal life.”

Previous winners of the Bart Starr Award, which is named after the former standout Green Bay Packers quarterback, include Drew Brees, Reggie White, and Mike Singletary.


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